Hair Care Tips

Raw Indian hair care maintenance


What is Raw Indian Hair?

Raw hair is untouched, unprocessed hair that is donated in hair temples in South India as a religious sacrifice. It’s cleaned, sanitized and wefted and packaged for you.  It’s so gorgeous and I’m particularly excited about it because with a few bundles of curly raw hair you have so many options of styles! 


Raw Indian hair can be high maintenance if you let it but it’s the highest quality of hair that you can buy and Caliber Hair Imports offers some of the best Remy raw Indian hair.   I can pretty much promise you that once you wear this hair you’ll be a hair snob for life!


It’s VERY versatile

 Flat iron it and it will be silky straight, add a little water or leave in conditioner and it will give you beautiful ocean waves, co-wash it and let it air dry then you’ll have beautiful ringlet curls.  Raw hair is an investment but if you are a virgin hair connoisseur it’s the most coveted hair available to you.  If you ever wondered how a celebrity’s hair looks so lustrous and thick- I’m willing to bet, they are wearing some type of raw hair but you don’t need to be a celebrity to look and feel luxurious. 


Heres some DO/DON’T’S when it comes to your hair:

Do Co wash your hair weekly with a moisturizing conditioner such as Aussie Moist, this will be keep it moisturized

Do Allow hair to air dry

Do Lightly add a serum to tame frizz if you live in a high humidity area (be very light so that you don’t weigh the hair down)

Do wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf, or sleep in a silk/satin pillow.  If you are wearing your hair curly wear it in a pineapple (please youtube how to wrap hair in a pineapple, it’s really simple)

Do use a sulfate free shampoo at least every two weeks, and deep condition

Do use heat protectant before applying heat

Don’t use “ethnic” hair products on this hair, hair products specifically geared towards naturals tend to weigh the hair down

Don’t oil the hair, we promise you, this hair doesn’t need oil

Don’t use heavy leave in conditioners, honestly this hair is go good that I don’t really recommend going overboard with leave-ins but if you do use one make sure it is diluted with water.

Don’t use a shampoo with sulfates in it, it will dry the hair out eventually- but even if you accidently use one just deep condition and it should be fine.

Don’t towel dry your hair, let it drip dry and air dry- this creates the most beautiful texture of curls I’ve ever seen

Don’t touch your hair as it’s drying, it will disturb the curl pattern.

As far as hair care goes, I tell my customers to keep it simple and keep it conditioned.  As long as you take care of your hair it will last and even look better the older it gets.